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Varicose Veins

The choice of treatments available to patients with varicose veins is varied and can sometimes be bewildering.

Our aim is to successfully treat your varicose veins using the most effective modern techniques, with the minimum of discomfort and the best cosmetic result.

The treatment recommended is based on your symptoms, the severity of the varicosities, the presence of skin changes and the location of the leaking valves. A further consideration is the need for local anaesthetic (or the desire to avoid a General Anaesthetic!)

Options include:

  • Do nothing. Occasionally the most sensible option for minor asymptomatic varicosities.
  • Injection of a sclerosant solution e.g. FOAM into the veins, which collapses the veins causing them to disappear.
  • Endoluminal Treatments e.g. laser or radio-frequency ablation These are commonly referred to as 'laser' treatments. Incisionless, under Local Anaesthetic, early mobility and 'painless' are the main advantages.
  • Surgery involves an incision in the groin or the back of the knee and stripping of the veins. The smaller veins are removed by tiny incisions. Surgery is normally under general anaesthetic.